SRECON 2019 Asia/Pacific

How to Champion SRE Investment to Different Levels of Leadership

Featuring Christina Tan and Lyon Wong 


Reaching higher levels of the organization is essential to achieving broader adoption of SRE. Without the right buy-in even if parts of SRE are rolled out, behaviors will regress. How then do you get this support? It starts with finding out the incentives needed by key levels of leadership and how to effectively speak to those. It also requires listening to the resistance to SRE adoption, and then effectively address that resistance with reason and metrics. In this talk, I share how to persuade the right level of leadership so that an organization can progress the adoption of SRE through key stages. I provide case studies of how real companies have succeeded or failed with their SRE adoption. This talk aims to equip the audience with the tools to promote SRE adoption through a grassroots/bottoms-up approach.



Christina Tan
Blameless Advisor

Christina is an advisor for the Blameless Executive Team. She's passionate about the interpersonal dynamics that make SRE successful. She's been a speaker at SRECon, Twitter SRE Meetup, and her article has been featured on the front page of Hacker News.

Lyon Wong

Lyon Wong
Co-founder and CEO

Lyon Wong is the CEO and Co-Founder of Blameless, provider of an end-to-end Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) platform for modern software engineering teams. Lyon is passionate about mentoring teams and has spent years studying how teams form, perform, and grow. Lyon has mentored teams from the Universities of Stanford, Waterloo, and Berkeley, as well as tech industry leaders at Google and Microsoft.‍


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