Alert! Blameless & PagerDuty Working Together

Alerts go off. Acknowledge it’s real! Start an Incident. Blameless and PagerDuty work brilliantly together.

Blameless has a bi-directional PagerDuty integration to access on-call assignments and escalation policies from within the Blameless product to find and allocate the right engineers on-call.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Find the on-call team for a given service
  • Determine an escalation policy for a given service
  • Trigger a PagerDuty alert for a specific service (manually via a command or auto-trigger with a Blameless incident)
  • Trigger the creation of a Blameless incident if an incident is created in PagerDuty.

Bring your questions and energy. Excited to share new Blameless updates!

Craig Peters, Head of Product, Blameless



As Head of Product, Craig is responsible for the Blameless Product Strategy and Roadmap, working with customers and across Blameless to deliver the industry's leading SRE platform. Previously Craig worked closely with engineers at Microsoft ensuring that the Azure Kubernetes Service was performant, predictable, and secure. In his spare time Craig enjoys his family and bicycling whenever and wherever possible.

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