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Alert! Blameless & PagerDuty Working Together

Featuring Paul Chu, Head of Customer Success at Blameless

Alerts go off. Acknowledge it’s real! Start an Incident. Blameless and PagerDuty work brilliantly together.

Blameless has a bi-directional PagerDuty integration to access on-call assignments and escalation policies from within the Blameless product to find and allocate the right engineers on-call.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Find the on-call team for a given service
  • Determine an escalation policy for a given service
  • Trigger a PagerDuty alert for a specific service (manually via a command or auto-trigger with a Blameless incident)
  • Trigger the creation of a Blameless incident if an incident is created in PagerDuty.

Bring your questions and energy. Excited to share new Blameless updates!


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Paul Chu
Head of Customer Success

Paul provides technical walkthroughs and educates users on SRE best practices. Previously, Paul was in a similar space at IBM, providing incident management in Cyber Security. In his spare time, Paul enjoys spending time with his family, going to Hawaii, and attempting to golf.

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