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Building Reliable Services on the Cloud

oreilly_logo_mark_red Report by Phillip Tischler
with Steve McGhee & Shylaja Nukala

Systematic Resilience for Sustained Reliability

For a product or service to be successful, it must be reliable. Users need to trust that a service will be available when needed and that it won't lose the data it's entrusted to store. 

Google has designed, built, and operated reliable services on the cloud for decades. This report, authored by Phillip Tischler with Steve McGhee and Shylaja Nukala, introduces you to the most important concepts to keep in mind as you design and build systems.

This report helps you:

  • Define objectives for your service to ensure it satisfies users while minimizing costs
  • Identify the dependencies you'll use to build a service so you can leverage them effectively
  • Architect your service by developing APIs, decomposing the system into components, and designing components to contribute to service objectives, and
  • Avoid common failure modes that can create outages or cause your service to miss objectives.

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