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Our technical systems are built by, maintained by, and crafted for humans. When incidents happen, it’s humans who respond to fix the system. For the relationship to be symbiotic, the system should support those who build and maintain it.

In this whitepaper, we will:

  • Describe why incident resolution is harder than ever
  • Discuss communication, cognitive capacity, and customer needs
  • Share how SRE can help teams respond better under pressure
  • Detail SRE best practices which can help your team both during and after incidents
  • Provide a comprehensive incident response blueprint
  • Share how Blameless can help teams with their incident resolution needs

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"If you want to move faster, you need to move to a Blameless culture." 


"The improved coordination, tracking, and visibility help us actually address what caused an incident in the first place."


“Finding a platform that finally went beyond incident management into SLOs and error budgets drove the decision to choose Blameless.”