How to Create a Streamlined Incident Management Runbook

Featuring Paul Chu, Nick Mason and Sarah Perry

Workshop Summary

Blameless is streamlining your incident management runbook with this 60-minute workshop.

Blameless Manager of Customer Success and Solution Engineering, Paul Chu and Senior Sales Engineer Nick Mason dive deep into:

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Why a codified Incident Management Runbook matters

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Best practices + templates for on-call (responders)

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Why Retrospectives are critical to learning + improving

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Understanding why culture plays a big part

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The intersection of runbook, tooling and integrations


Paul Chu Headshot-1

Paul Chu
Manager, Customer Success, Blameless

Paul provides technical walkthroughs and educates users on SRE best practices. Previously, Paul was in a similar space at IBM, providing incident management in Cyber Security. 

Nick Mason Headshot

Nick Mason
Solutions Engineer, Blameless

Nick is a Solutions Engineer at Blameless, providing product demonstrations and technical deep dives for prospects and customers alike.


Sarah Perry
Manager, Growth Marketing, Blameless

Sarah is the Growth Marketing Manager at Blameless, leading digital marketing programs and driving campaigns like this workshop. 

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