Pushing Code? Don't Forget to Flag Your Canaries

Featuring Hammad Mushtaq


Reliability is multifaceted. Your approach to releases plays a part in that. It's smart to think forward. What's impacted? What will change? Canary releases, or phased rollouts, allows you to better manage the release lifecycle and understand any impact to reliability. Iteration and canarying is more involved than traditional big releases. You need to look at the code being deployed and flag everything that comprises each new feature. You’ll also need to tag groups of users. And instead of one big release, you do several smaller releases where more groups of users receive more features each time.
In this talk you'll learn:
- Why you should consider an iterative canarying approach to releases
- Knowing when it’s safe to expand and iterate
- Understanding how users rely on your services to find the ideal groups to canary
Your reliability plan should comprise these parts. Learn the agile way.



Hammad Mushtaq
Engineering Manager

As an Engineering Manager that has led teams ranging from mobile to web to cloud, Hammad is continuously working to ensure we are delivering value to our customers while maintaining high standards for reliability.


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