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New Feature! CommsFlow™ Stay Calm. Everyone is Updated As Incidents Progress.

Featuring Nicolas Philip

Webinar Summary

Communication can make or break the effectiveness of a team responding to an incident. On-call needs to know real-time status updates plus all relevant tasks. Support, customer success and functional owners across the business need assurance that it’s being handled.

Blameless’ new powerful CommsFlow™, core to the platform, is designed to operate timely, context-rich and automated communications, from start to completion. The lift becomes much lighter, everyone is updated, and most importantly, engineers have time to focus.
This session covers:
  • How does Blameless CommsFlow™ work
  • How triggers automate communications in Slack, MS Teams and email
  • See integration with StatusPage for public updates.

Oh, we recommend this blog as a great intro: Introducing CommsFlow™ for Context-Rich and Timely Updates to All Stakeholders

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Nicolas Philip
Director of Product

Nicolas is responsible for driving product management at Blameless across the platform, with core areas of focus such as SLO and Communication.  As a product leader, he also worked on various distributed systems in the Storage and Networking industries but he is particularly passionate about the promise of Serverless architectures.

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