Reliability is a Team Sport.

Let's Practice!

Panel discussion featuring Jason Montgomery and Matthew Dodge

Talk Overview

Does your product work the way it's supposed to, in the eyes of your customer? That's the key question when it comes to understanding product reliability. Adopting a reliability mindset and building an SRE practice with DevOps impacts more than just the day-to-day of engineering.
Reliability is a business concern. That's why teams like customer success, sales, and marketing also want to keep an update on reliability. In this discussion, Jason and Matthew explain what it looks like when companies treat reliability as an inter-disciplinary investment and how to get started.
Every reliability program starts with a better Incident Management process.


Jason Montgomery Headshot

Jason Montgomery

Jason oversees the GTM team and directly works with customers to create reliability excellence. See Jason on LinkedIn.


Matthew Dodge Headshot

Matthew Dodge
Senior Customer Success Manager

Matthew provides onboarding, training, troubleshooting, and overall account strategy for Blameless customers.