How BetterCloud Transformed Their Incident Management

Featuring Clark Polo and Bradley Thomas from BetterCloud

Webinar Summary

Before using Blameless, BetterCloud's incident management process was manual, awkward, and unclear. It was common to fear incidents, made worse by the fact that incidents were internally referred to as "blockers". It was time to reset their incident management and invest in reliability. 

BetterCloud worked with Blameless and an incident training agency to establish a sustainable and scalable process.

After implementing Blameless, the BetterCloud team enjoyed 10% reduced customer churn, 2 hours saved per retrospective, and 0 repeat incidents. 

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Matthew Dodge Headshot Square

Matthew Dodge
Senior Customer Success Manager, Blameless

Matthew provides onboarding, training, troubleshooting, and overall account strategy for Blameless customers.

Clark Polo

Clark Polo
Director, SRE & DevOps, BetterCloud

Clark is the Director of SRE and DevOps for Cloud Engineering and Optimization (CLEO) at BetterCloud. Clark has been in the Reliability space for many years in companies big and small. 

Bradley Thomas

Bradley Thomas
Manager, SRE, BetterCloud

Brad is the Manager of SRE and DevOps in the Cloud Engineering and Optimization (CLEO) organization. Brad has been on the transformation journey with BetterCloud for 5 years. 

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How BetterCloud Transformed Their Incident Management