How Everyone Learns from Incidents (If You're On-Call Or Not)

Featuring Paul Chu


On call doesn’t have to suck. Right? Some vendors even have this as a tagline. Truth is some on-calls do suck (a little) especially if it’s a Sev0. Ever been in a chaotic on-call environment? Unclear on who’s doing what and how to run the playbook. Is there a playbook? This session shares approaches that simply work and more importantly how teams learn and improve over time. From living through inevitable incidents and reviewing retrospectives, everyone up-levels and learns. Happier DevOps teams, happier customers. Presented by Paul Chu, Head of Customer Success at Blameless.


Paul Chu Headshot

Paul Chu
Sales Engineer

Paul leads the Sales Engineering and Customer Success teams at Blameless, helping teams improve their reliability program from trial to deployment.


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